Tentative Program

April 7 (Mon.)

Workshops :

WI&C2014, Vertical Search Relevance, SOCM2014, SIPLEX2014, WebQuality 2014, WS-REST2014, #Microposts2014, SNOW II, DEOS’14, Big Graph Mining
Tutorials :
Scalability and Efficiency Challenges in Large-Scale Web Search Engines,
Entity Resolution in the Web of Data, The Mobile Semantic Web, Trust in Social Computing,
Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis, Social Spam, Campaigns, Misinformation and Crowdturfing,
Online Learning and Linked Data – Lessons Learned and Best Practices
BIG 2014 / W4A
Evening BIG2014 Dinner / W4A Dinner

April 8 (Tue.)


MSM 2014, 4th Temporal Web Analytics, LDOW2014, SRS2014, WOW2014, 2nd PHDA 2014, COOL’2014, WebET 2014, LSNA, BigScholar 2014,
Tutorials :
Towards a Social Media Analytics Platform: Event Detection and Description for Microblogs,
Social Recommender Systems, Re-using Media On The Web, Learning to Efficiently Rank on Big Data, Computational Models for Social Influence Analysis,
E-commerce Product Search: Personalization, Diversification, and beyond, W3C Tutorial
BIG 2014 / W4A

April 9 (Wed.)

Morning Opening Ceremony & Keynote 1
Plenary Panel
Afternoon Research Track :

Internet Economics & Monetization 1, Security 1, Collaborative Recommendation Systems,
Web Search 1, Crowdsourcing 1, Security 2, Social Networks, Matching
Panels1 ,Panels2 , Industry Track, Developers Track, W3C Track
Evening Welcome Reception


April 10 (Thu.)

Morning Keynote 2
Break / Poster Session / Demos
Research Track :

User interaction, Recommendation and Predictions, Web Mining 1,Content Anaysis 1 – Entities,
User Behavior, Semantic Web 1, Web Mining 2, Content Analysis 2 – Topics, Software Infrastructure,
Online Experiments & Advertising, Social Networks, The Future
Industry Track, Ph.D. Symposium Track, Web Science Track , W3C Track
Evening Gala Dinner


April 11 (Fri.)

Morning Keynote 3
Break / Poster Session / Demos
Research Track :

Internet Economics & Monetization 2, Semantic Web 2, Web Mining 3,
Social Networks 2 – Modeling Influences in graphs, Content Quality & Popularity, Conflicts & Games,
Social Networks 3 – Diffusion, Web Search
Ph.D. Symposium Track, Developers Track,  Web Science Track
Closing / Award Ceremony