Research Track Program

Preparation Instructions for WWW’14 Proceedings Submissions

Collaborative Recommendation Systems
• Personalized Collaborative Clustering by Yisong Yue, Chong Wang, Khalid El-Arini and Carlos Guestrin
• Local Collaborative Ranking by Joonseok Lee, Samy Bengio, Seungyeon Kim, Guy Lebanon and Yoram Singer
• CoBaFi: Collaborative Bayesian Filtering by Alex Beutel, Kenton Murray, Christos Faloutsos and Alexander J. Smola
Security 1
• The Company You Keep: Mobile Malware Infection Rates and Inexpensive Risk Indicators by Hien Thi Thu Truong, Eemil Lagerspetz, Petteri Nurmi, Adam J. Oliner, Sasu Tarkoma, N. Asokan and Sourav Bhattacharya
• Stranger Danger: Exploring the Ecosystem of Ad-based URL Shortening Services by Nick Nikiforakis, Federico Maggi, Gianluca Stringhini, M Zubair Rafique, Wouter Joosen, Christopher Kruegel, Frank Piessens, Giovanni Vigna and Stefano Zanero
• Automatic Detection and Correction of Web Application Vulnerabilities using Data Mining to Predict False Positives by Ibéria Medeiros, Nuno Neves and Miguel Correia
Internet Economics & Monetization 1
• Machine Learning in an Auction Environment by Patrick Hummel and Preston McAfee
• Optimal Revenue-Sharing Double Auctions with Applications to Ad Exchanges by Renato Gomes and Vahab Mirrokni
• Advertising in a Stream by Samuel Ieong, Mohammad Mahdian and Sergei Vassilvitskii
Crowdsourcing 1
• Targeted Crowdsourcing with a Billion (Potential) Users by Panos Ipeirotis and Evgeniy Gabrilovich
• Community-Based Bayesian Aggregation Models for Crowdsourcing by Matteo Venanzi, John Guiver, Gabriella Kazai, Pushmeet Kohli and Milad Shokouhi
• The Wisdom of Minority: Discovering and Targeting the Right Group of Workers for Crowdsourcing by Hongwei Li, Bo Zhao and Ariel Fuxman
Security 2
• Monitoring Web Browsing Behaviors with Differential Privacy by Liyue Fan, Luca Bonomi, Li Xiong and Vaidy Sunderam
• Quite a Mess in My Cookie Jar! by Stefano Calzavara, Gabriele Tolomei, Michele Bugliesi and Salvatore Orlando
• Reconciling Mobile App Privacy and Usability on Smartphones: Could User Privacy Profiles Help? by Bin Liu, Jialiu Lin and Norman Sadeh
Content Anaysis 1 – Entities
• Discovering Emerging Entities with Ambiguous Names by Johannes Hoffart, Yasemin Altun and Gerhard Weikum
• Effective Named Entity Recognition for Idiosyncratic Web Collections by Roman Prokofyev, Gianluca Demartini and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
• Deduplicating a Places Database by Philip Bohannon, Nilesh Dalvi, Marian Olteanu and Manish Raghavan
Social Networks
• Random Walks based Modularity: Application to Semi-Supervised Learning by Robin Devooght, Amin Mantrach, Ilkka Kivimäki, Hugues Bersini, Alejandro Jaimes and Marco Saerens
• High Quality, Scalable and Parallel Community Detection for Large Real Graph by Arnau Prat-Pérez, David Dominguez-Sal and Josep-Lluis Larriba-Pey
• Dynamic and Historical Shortest-Path Distance Queries on Large Evolving Networks by Pruned Landmark Labeling by Takuya Akiba, Yoichi Iwata and Yuichi Yoshida
• To Gather Together for a Better World: Understanding and Leveraging Communities in Micro-lending Recommendation by Jaegul Choo, Daniel Lee, Bistra Dilkina, Hongyuan Zha and Haesun Park
• Recommending Investors for Crowdfunding Projects by Jisun An, Daniele Quercia and Jon Crowcroft by Horatiu Bota, Ke Zhou, Joemon M. Jose and Mounia Lalmas
• Understanding Spatial Homophily: The Case of Peer Influence and Social Selection by Ke Zhang and Konstantinos Pelechrinis
Web Mining 1
• Reduce and Aggregate: Similarity Ranking in Multi-Categorical Bipartite Graphs by Alessandro Epasto, Jon Feldman, Silvio Lattanzi, Stefano Leonardi and Vahab Mirrokni
• Robust Multivariate Autoregression for Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Product Ratings by Nikou Günnemann, Stephan Günnemann and Christos Faloutsos
• Mining Novelty Seeking Trait Across Heterogeneous Domains by Fuzheng Zhang, Nicholas Jing Yuan, Defu Lian and Xing Xie
Recommendation and Predictions
• Modeling Contextual Agreement in Preferences by Loc Do and Hady Lauw
• A Monte Carlo Algorithm for Cold Start Recommendation by Yu Rong, Xiao Wen and Hong Cheng
• Was this review helpful to you? It depends! Context and voting patterns in online content by Ruben Sipos, Arpita Ghosh and Thorsten Joachims
User interaction
• Designing and Deploying Online Field Experiments by Eytan Bakshy, Dean Eckles and Michael Bernstein
• Local Business Ambience Characterization Through Mobile Audio Sensing by He Wang, Dimitrios Lymberopoulos and Jie Liu
• Social Bootstrapping: How Pinterest and Social Communities Benefit by Borrowing Links from Facebook by Changtao Zhong, Mostafa Salehi, Sunil Shah, Marius Cobzarenco, Nishanth Sastry and Meeyoung Cha
Web Search 1
• Efficient Estimation for High Similarities using Odd Sketches by Michael Mitzenmacher, Rasmus Pagh and Ninh Pham
• Composite Retrieval of Heterogeneous Web Search by Horatiu Bota, Ke Zhou, Joemon M. Jose and Mounia Lalmas
• Contextual and Dimensional Relevance Judgments for Reusable SERP-Level Evaluation by Peter B. Golbus, Imed Zitouni, Jin Young Kim, Ahmed Hassan and Fernando Diaz
User Behavior
• Dynamics of Repeat Consumption by Ashton Anderson, Ravi Kumar, Andrew Tomkins and Sergei Vassilvitski
• From Devices to People: Attribution of Search Activity in Multi-User Settings by Ryen W. White, Ahmed Hassan, Adish Singla and Eric Horvitz
• Demographics, Weather and Online Reviews: A Study of Restaurant Recommendations by Saeideh Bakhshi, Partha Kanuparthy and Eric Gilbert
Semantic Web 1
• TripleProv: Efficient Processing of Lineage Queries over a Native RDF Store by Marcin Wylot, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux and Paul Groth
• RDF Analytics: Lenses over Semantic Graphs by Dario Colazzo, François Goasdoué, Ioana Manolescu and Alexandra Roatis
• Formalisation and Experiences of R2RML-based SPARQL to SQL query translation using Morph by Freddy Priyatna, Oscar Corcho and Juan F. Sequeda
Web Mining 2
• Codewebs: Scalable Homework Search for Massive Open Online Programming Courses by Jonathan Huang, Andy Nguyen, Chris Piech and Leonidas Guibas
• Joint Question Clustering and Relevance Prediction for Open Domain Non-Factoid Question Answering by Snigdha Chaturvedi, Vittorio Castelli, Ramesh Nallapti, Hema Raghavan and Radu Florian
• Knowledge Base Completion via Search-Based Question Answering by Robert West, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Kevin Murphy, Shaohua Sun, Rahul Gupta and Dekang Lin
Content Analysis 2 – Topics
• A Time-based Collective Factorization for Topic Discovery and Monitoring in News by Carmen Vaca Ruiz, Amin Mantrach, Alejandro Jaimes and Marco Saerens
• The Dual-Sparse Topic Model: Mining Focused Topics and Focused Terms in Short Text by Tianyi Lin, Wentao Tian, Qiaozhu Mei and Hong Cheng
• Acquisition of Open-Domain Classes via Intersective Semantics by Marius Pasca
Software Infrastructure
• Automated Runtime Recovery for QoS-based Service Composition by Tian Huat Tan, Manman Chen, Étienne André, Jun Sun, Yang Liu and Jin Song Dong
• Similarity-based Web Browser Optimization by Haoyu Wang, Mengxin Liu, Yao Guo and Xiangqun Chen
• Temporal QoS-Aware Web Service Recommendation via Non-negative Tensor Factorization by Wancai Zhang, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu and Xiaohui Guo
Online Experiments & Advertising
• Adscape: Harvesting and Analyzing Online Display Ads by Paul Barford, Igor Canadi, Darja Krushevskaja, Qiang Ma and S Muthukrishnan
• Statistical Inference in Two-Stage Online Controlled Experiments with Treatment Selection and Validation by Alex Deng, Yu Guo and Tianxi Li
• An Experimental Evaluation of Bidders’ Behavior in Ad Auctions by Gali Noti, Noam Nisan and Ilan Yaniv
Social Networks
• Chaff from the Wheat : Characterization and Modeling of Deleted Questions on Stack Overflow by Denzil Correa and Ashish Sureka
• Timeline Generation: Tracking individuals on Twitter by Jiwei Li and Claire Cardie
• Modeling and predicting the growth and death of membership-based websites by Bruno Ribeiro
Conflicts & Games
• STFU NOOB! Predicting Crowdsourced Decisions on Toxic Behavior in Online Games by Jeremy Blackburn and Haewoon Kwak
• UUnveiling Group Characteristics in Online Social Games: A Socio-Economic Analysis by Taejoong Chung, Jinyoung Han, Daejin Choi, Ted Taekyoung Kwon, Huy Kang Kim and Yanghee Choi
• XXXtortion? Inferring Registration Intent in the .XXX TLD by Tristan Halvorson, Kirill Levchenko, Stefan Savage and Geoffrey M. Voelker
The Future
• Word Storms: Multiples of Word Clouds for Visual Comparison of Documents by Quim Castella and Charles Sutton
• Exploring the Filter Bubble: The Effect of Using Recommender Systems on Content Diversity by Tien T. Nguyen, Pik-Mai Hui, F. Maxwell Harper, Loren Terveen and Joseph Konstan
• Engaging with Massive Online Courses by Ashton Anderson, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg and Jure Leskovec
Semantic Web 2
• Semantic Stability in Social Tagging Streams by Claudia Wagner, Philipp Singer, Markus Strohmaier and Bernardo Huberman
• Test-driven Evaluation of Linked Data Quality by Dimitris Kontokostas, Patrick Westphal, Sören Auer, Sebastian Hellmann, Jens Lehmann, Roland Cornelissen and Amrapali Zaveri
• Don’t like RDF Reification? Making statements about statements using singleton property by Vinh Nguyen, Olivier Bodenreider and Amit Sheth
Web Mining 3
• Comment-based Multi-View Clustering of Web 2.0 Items by Xiangnan He, Min-Yen Kan, Peichu Xie and Xiao Chen
• Finding Progression Stages in Time-evolving Event Sequences by Jaewon Yang, Julian McAuley, Jure Leskovec, Paea Le Pendu and Nigam Shah
• On Estimating the Average Degree by Anirban Dasgupta, Ravi Kumar and Tamas Sarlos
Internet Economics & Monetization 2
• User Satisfaction in Competitive Sponsored Search by David Kempe and Brendan Lucier
• Price Competition in Online Combinatorial Markets by Moshe Babaioff, Noam Nisan and Renato Paes Leme
• Revenue Monotone Mechanisms for Online Advertising by Gagan Goel and M. Reza Khani
Social Networks 2 – Modeling Influences in graphs
• Who Proposed the Relationship? — Recovering the Hidden Directions of Undirected Social Networks by Jun Zhang, Chaokun Wang and Jianmin Wang
• User Profiling in an Ego Network: Co-profiling Attributes and Relationships by Rui Li, Chi Wang and Kevin Chang
• Attributed Graph Models: Modeling network structure with correlated attributes by Joseph Pfeiffer, Sebastian Moreno, Timothy La Fond, Jennifer Neville and Brian Gallagher
Web Search 2
• Fast Topic Discovery From Web Search Streams by Di Jiang, Kenneth Wai-Ting Leung and Wilfred Ng
• A Hierarchical Dirichlet Model for Taxonomy Expansion for Search Engines by Jingjing Wang, Changsung Kang, Yi Chang and Jiawei Han
• Recent and Robust Query Auto-completion by Stewart Whiting and Joemon Jose
Social Networks 3 – Diffusion
• The Bursty Dynamics of the Twitter Information Network by Seth Myers and Jue Leskovec
• Can cascades be predicted? by Justin Cheng, Lada Adamic, Alex Dow, Jon Kleinberg and Jure Leskovec
• How to Influence People with Partial Incentives by Erik Demaine, Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi, Hamid Mahini, David Malec, Anshul Sawant, Morteza Zadimoghaddam and S. Raghavan
Content Quality & Popularity
• WikiWho: Precise and Efficient Attribution of Authorship of Revisioned Content by Fabian Flöck and Maribel Acosta
• What Makes a Good Biography? by Lucie Flekova, Oliver Ferschke and Iryna Gurevych
• What makes an image popular? by Aditya Khosla, Atish Das Sarma and Raffay Hamid