Re-using Media On The Web

  • Re-using Media On The Web
  • Tuesday, 8th, 14:00~17:30, Room 301 B
  • Presenters: Lyndon Nixon (MODUL University Vienna), Vasileios Mezaris (CERTH),
                         Raphaël Troncy (EURECOM)
  • Abstract
    This tutorial will address the state of the art in the area of online media analysis, annotation and linking, reflecting that a number of Web-based specifications and technologies are now emerging that in combination can provide the technical solution for media owners to be enabled to manage and re-use their online media at a fragment level. The combination of these specifications and technologies can form a full online media workflow able to support media fragmentation and re-use, which opens means to derive new value from media to media owners and new models for media acquisition and use for media consumers. Hence the awareness of and ability to use these specifications and technologies will be of great importance to future curators and publishers of online media.