Big Graph Mining

  • Big Graph Mining
  • Monday 7th, 09:00~17:30, Room 314
  • Presenters:
  • Joseph Gonzalez
       From Graphs to Tables the Design of Scalable Systems for Graph Analytics
    Seungwhan Moon, Calvin McCarter and Yu-Hsin Kuo
       Active Learning with Partially Featured Data
    Xiaoming Liu, Yadong Zhou, Chengchen Hu, Xiaohong Guan and Junyuan Leng
       Detecting Community Structure for Undirected Big Graphs Based on Random Walks
    Jong-Ryul Lee and Chin-Wan Chung
       A Fast Approximation for Influence Maximization in Large Social Networks
    Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji and Peter Baumann
       Processing Scientific Mesh Queries in Graph Databases