User interfaces, human factors, and mobile devices

We invite original research submissions addressing all the aspects of user interfaces, human factors, and mobile devices for Web applications. Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to the ones below.


  • Ubiquitous computing and the Web
  • Location-based services
  • Geo-social online services and search
  • Mobile Web interfaces
  • Mobile Web applications and device-independent delivery
  • Mining mobile data for Web applications
  • Context-aware interactions
  • Personalization and group-oriented retrieval and interfaces
  • Novel interaction techniques
  • User driven and automatic adaptation of user interfaces
  • User interface toolkits for Web applications
  • Computer-supported cooperative work on the Web
  • Collaborative and social filtering, and interactive mobile recommendation systems
  • Mobile Web advertising
  • Mobile gaming
  • Design, user studies and evaluations of new and existing mobile Web applications and services
  • Intelligent user interfaces to access the Web
  • Implementations and experimental mobile systems
  • Novel devices, interfaces and applications for the Web
  • Security and privacy in mobile Web applications
  • Design, maintenance and evaluation of online communities

Area Chairs

  • Cecilia Mascolo (University of Cambridge)
  • Xing Xie (Microsoft Research Asia)

TPC Members

  • Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg)
  • Andrew Campbell (Dartmouth College)
  • Lei Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  • Ed H. Chi (Google)
  • Hao-Hua Chu (National Taiwan University)
  • Karen Church (Yahoo! Labs)
  • Henriette Cramer (Yahoo! Labs)
  • Daniel Gatica-Perez (EPFL)
  • Takahiro Hara (Osaka University)
  • Otmar Hilliges (ETH Zurich)
  • Vaiva Kalnikaite (University College London)
  • Marc Langheinrich (University of Lugano)
  • Neal Lathia (University of Cambridge)
  • Wang-Chien Lee (the Pennsylvania State University)
  • Ilias Leontiadis (Telefonica Research)
  • Jiebo Luo (University of Rochester Rochester)
  • Qin Lv (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research)
  • Mirco Musolesi (University of Birmingham)
  • Nuria Oliver (Telefonica Research)
  • Eamonn O’Neill (University of Bath)
  • Daniele Quercia (Yahoo! Labs)
  • Salvatore Scellato (Google)
  • Junehwa Song (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Feng Tian, Institute of Software (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Nicholas Yuan (Microsoft Research Asia)
  • Vincent W. Zheng, Advanced Digital Sciences Center)